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Friday, July 29, 2011

Baby, It's Hot Outside!

The clock says it is 11:20 PM. The weather app on my iphone reads 92 degrees. Has Hades unleashed his fiery furnace on us all? But wait, is God answering our prayers??? Did all that drumming and dancing finally penetrate the heavens?? The meterologists  have forecasted the wet stuff that falls from the sky. If memory serves me correctly, I believe it is called rain.

Tropical Storm Don is on the horizon bringing a 40% chance of thundershowers for Saturday. Which happens to be the same day we are headed to Marco Island, Florida, for some fun in the sun. Hubby gets a chance for some well-deserved R&R and I will be forced to step away from the kitchen.

As I am now on a teacher's schedule, due to my son-in-law's career of choice, I had my first summer "off" since attending grade school. My days have been filled to the brim. And just think, my husband thought I was going to lay around, watch soaps, and eat bon bons.

For example, I've had the opportunity to participate in Johnson's Backyard Garden's workshare program once a week. Sadly, Today ended the gig.  Jeepers, I will have to actually pay for veggies at The Downtown Farmer's Market. If you have not been to a local farmer's market in the Austin vacinity yet, GO Texan!  Support your local farmer. Like the sticker from American Farmland Trust says, "No Farms, No Food".
                                          Austin's SFC Farmer's Market

Breaking news!!! As of two days ago, July 25th to be exact, my chickens started earning thier keep.
Perfect First Eggs!

So sorry Kris of Milagro Farms, it's been an eggcellent, and eggciting relationship (okay, I know, enough already with the corn-ball words). Unknowingly, Kris was my first inspiration on the road to chicken mania. His passion for his hens sold me the first time I bought his most eggcellent eggs. Oops, just slipped out. Thanks Kris for spreading the passion. If you're looking for fresh eggs with yolks as orange as a Texas sunset - look up Kris and tell him Carla with the chickens sent ya.

Back to my weekly workshare haul from JBG.....

Workshare tradeoff. I think I came out ahead!

See the beautiful butternut squash? What once resembled a gourd, turned into a creamy butternut squash soup. I brought home enough less-than-perfect squash that would have otherwise been thrown into the compost bin, to make a double batch. A little bit for now... a little bit for a crispy night this fall. Oh cool weather, where art thou?

Honey Roasted Butternut Squash Soup - Saving seeds for the future.

The clock now reads 1:06 a.m. Mr. Sandman is calling. Much more to say, but words must wait for inspiration to hit another day. Gotta get some shut eye. This vacation is wearing me out. Although, I'm not complaining, it is a good tired. The feeling one has after a hard day's work on the farm.

Big plans for the garden tomorrow, if... I can get all the packing done and all the prep for our get-a-way out of this Texas heat. Yeah, I know, Florida isn't the mountains, but I'll take an ocean breeze anytime.

Added day after post. Hotter than hell in the Garden :(

Buonanotte Ya'll ~