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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Bonafide "Crazy Chicken Lady"

After a fair amount of teasing and numerous eye-rolls from family & friends, I am ready to admit it. Yes, I have become a crazy chicken lady. I could view my passion for feathered-friends (or what some might call an obsession), a hobby. Although, hobby just doesn't quite fit the bill for this chickenista, a.k.a. chicken ambassador of the world. If I'm gonna be crazy, might as well go all the way.

My absence from Pandora's Box is noted, but in all fairness, I have been busy on Blogger. Busy with what I affectionately call "Chicken Shit". As the rookie website administrator of the Austin Funky Chicken Coop Tour, the tour's blog is on my plate along with a clutch of other chicken related tasks. All of which is keeping me busy as a bee.

What I really want to bawk about are my seven Zen Hens and Hawkeye the Roo's television debut. Through committee "coopie" connections, Hubby and I were given the opportunity to showcase our gardens and Zen House on Austin's KLRU local television program,  Central Texas Gardener.

CTG Producer, Linda Lehmusvirta & Director, Ed Fuentes arrived Monday morning just after the cock crowed to film our humble backyard abode. Instead of throwing in a kitten or puppy for cuteness, we upped' the anty with footage of my grandson feeding chickees and pickin' veggies. Poppa Dale & grandson's mom - who also happens to be my beautiful daughter- joined in on the funky fun.

Next is a studio interview with the Funky Coop Tour's founder, Michelle Hernandez and myself. The show is scheduled to air the first week in April 2012 to coincide with the coop tour which is being held the following week on April 7th.

Linda could not have been more gracious and I was so blessed to have met a kindred spirit. Linda is owned by two rescue bunnies, Harvey and Gaby. The bunny-duo live in an air conditioned , three story condo. Talk bout' having lucky rabbit's feet!  Her bunny tales were quite amusing and easily matched my chicken-coddling chatter. During the interview, she asked why I was doing the whole backyard chicken gig. Well... she opened up Pandora's Box and I had the opportunity to share. I had previously prayed that God would give me words to express my passion and I'm quite certain he answered.

Scripture in Romans 8:19-20 of the New Testament says, "For the creation is eagerly awaiting the revelation of God's children, because the creation has become subject to futility, though not by anything it did. The one who subjected it did so in the certainty that the creation itself would also be set free from corrupting bondage in order to share the glorious freedom of God's children."

So, yes...  I am passionate to the bone, that as children of the Creator we are called to be responsible and humane in our treatment toward the animal kingdom. How are the animals going to be released from futile lives unless someone steps up to the plate on their behalf? What can be more futile for an animal to be born, raised, and slaughtered in a factory farm?

Chicken Factory Farming practices must truly sicken the heart of the Creator. If anyone is interested in furthering their understanding of how most animals are inhumanely raised and then inhumaely slaughtered, I'd suggest researching a bit further. In my opinion, a good place to begin would be with the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

At present, I am reading an excellent book, "Dominion: The Power of Man, the Suffering of Animals, and the Call to Mercy" by Matthew Scully.  My ebook contains countless highlighted words that read like the pages of my heart.  The author quotes Saint Isacc the Syrian, a mystic writing in the seventh century.

 "What is charitable heart?" he asks:

It is a heart which is burning with love for the whole creation, for men, for the birds, for the beasts...for all creatures.
He who has such a heart cannot see or call to mind a creature without his eyes being filled with tears by reason of the immense compassion which seizes his heart; a heart which is softened and can no longer bear to see or learn from others of any suffering, even the smallest pain being inflicted upon a creature. That is why such a man never ceases to pray for the animals...moved by the infinte pity which reigns in the hearts of those who are becoming united with God.

Reading this blew me away. What poignant words that exemplifies the heart of Creator God.

With my hubby's enormous amount of help and support for our "frickin" chickens (his term of endearment), we've been able to create a little heaven on earth for seven very wonderful, inquisitive, bright, funny, and fresh-egg-laying Zen Hens. Did I mention the fresh eggs right out of the nesting box??? Sunrise on a plate, yum...yum... You can't get any closer from farm to table than that! Oh, we certainly can't forget Hawkeye the Roo. This handsome fellow does a most eggcellent job taking care of his harem. Coop-a-doodle-do, ya'll.

So if I am a crazy chicken lady, so be it.
~ Carlita the Chickinista