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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Fresh Food Beginnings

After several weeks of locker room discussions about food, (common topic in a ladies locker room), a woman suggested that I read "Skinny Bitch- A no-nonsense, tough-love guide for savvy girls who want to stop eating crap and start looking fabulous!" by Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin. I immediately downloaded the book into my new IPad (grad gift from hubby), and swiftly swiped my finger across the screen in record timing. I would suggest for anyone who would like to read Skinny Bitch to also dig deeper into the recommended reading and the sources consulted.

My new gal pal asked, "So, did your eating choices change after reading the book?". I replied, "Yeah, it's all your fault". She responded, "I think I've created a monster". We both laughed because now between the four of us who are on the same morning schedule, she is the only meat eater left in the bunch, but I think that might change soon.

The book has nothing to do with being skinny - although that is a byproduct of not eating fat-laden foods - or is it about being a bitch. Freedman and Barnouin slaps the facts about factory farming, genetically modified foods, the USDA, food chemicals, and a list of other disturbing food topics in your face without apology.

I got it. I began my research and discovered that there were important choices to be made and these choices would not only affect me, but also those in my concentric circle.

Next awakening: I don't exactly remember how I ran across the All Naturale website, but I believed it was destined. Food Inc. was waiting and I was ready.
That sealed the deal for me. If you haven't viewed this documentary on the food industry, you can go to All Naturale and view it for free.

So... here I sit at my desk eating some strange prepared dish from Snap Kitchen called "Spicy Sambal Tofu". To quote Snap Kitchen, "We are dedicated to bringing our customers flavorful, handcrafted food that supports our commitment to local, organic ingredients and healthy cooking."

In my wildest dreams would have I ever imagined I'd even try a dish with an ingredients list that was comprised of; cabbage, portabella, mushrooms, green beans, carrots, edamame, sesame oil, soy sauce, and lime juice. The dish is living up to its name, my mouth is on fire, and I'm luvin' it!

Peace Out ~ Carla

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