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Thursday, March 10, 2011

I Feel The Earth Move, Under My Feet....

Heavens! Fall and Winter have passed since my last post and promises of a glorious spring are just around the bend. As I open Pandora's Box, CHANGE oozes out in abundance and life is somewhat unrecognizable since all the transitions from 2010-2011.

2010 ended with a bang as my grandson, Dane Galen made his appearance on planet earth. I am highly blessed to be able to partake in his daily life as I am now full-time GG to our precious one. The circle of life has made a complete 360, as I hold a part of me in my arms each morning while looking into the spitting image of my daughter.

The Spirit of the Mother calls and the nurturing has begun. Not only as a grandmother, but maternal instincts have branched out in other ways. Tomorrow is the day that I also become "Mother Hen" to a new flock of baby chicks. And... the plants and seedlings in the garden need tender loving care too! Wondering... is this what is suppose to happen after 50???? Since the biological time clock, insured by last year's surgery is cu puts, is this God's way of blessing my "virtual" womb? If so, I welcome His blessings with open arms.

After labor-intensive weekend work, my hubby and I successfully built six raised square foot garden beds. Not knowing what exactly a square foot garden was I enrolled in the "Citizen Gardener" course sponsered by the Sustainable Food Center. Two weekends of hands on learning in the rain paid off. We have already begun enjoying the fruits of of labor. The lettuce and spinach are spilling over their designated square foot boundaries. The carrot, snap pea, and radish seedlings are not far behind. Strawberries, Kale, Onions, Swiss Chard, Broccoli, Oregano, Chives, and Pok Choy are coming along nicely too.

Sustainability. That's my mantra. I'm consumed now by the need to  know. I need to know where my food came from, how the animals were treated that produced the meat I buy for Dale, how far did my food travel, does it contain GMO's, what bull*hit is the government NOW up to concerning the FDA and the USDA?

Problem solved.... Walla! Our garden and chickens less than 100 feet away from the kitchen answers the vegetable and egg question. For all other food consumed, the weekly trek to the Downtown Farmer's Market has earned my business.

Before retiring from my ball n' chain of job, it is safe to say that my passion for local food rubbed off on a few who "got it". Since leaving, inquiring minds have wanted to know more about chickens, food, gardening, etc. I am thrilled.

For now, the baby is asleep, the garden has been watered, and the brooder anxiously awaits the arrival of an assortment of chick-a-dees. Spring, glorious spring is bouncing up and down within me.

Spring has sprung!

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