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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Under the Tuscan Storm

Trains, planes and automobiles, Oh My!. Sidetracked on our way to Certaldo with one side trip to Castleferrino. I managed to communicate with shop owner for taxi. Taxi safely brings us to the train station in Certaldo where we wait to meet Mario Masterrenzi, local car dealer and our guide, Shilpa. Our cooking group consists of 1 Aussie, 1 Canadian couple, and 3 Americans which includes Dale and myself. Old men gather at the local pasterria during the towns naptime- noon till' about 4:00 p.m.

Our crew takes off into the winding hills that are ladened with vineyards. Always knowing my Italian roots grew deep, I feel a connection with the soil the surrounds. Upon entering the doors of " Maria Louisa ", I stop momentarily to take it all in. My emotions well up inside my chest with a lump and trickle out a small tear.

We are escorted to our room. A C.S. Lewis size wardrobe fills the entire paint chipped wall. Windows are dressed with plain linen. We tread on tiled floors that are geometrically patterned, colored rust and almond. Spare decor includes an antique vanity and rickety bedside tables. Enormous bed has no bounce but allowed for a good nights sleep.

Al Fresco Dinner at 7:30 under the large tree and brillant stars. Spread out are Tuscan cheeses; perconio, mozzarella, and goat. Fresh foccocia bread, salad, and roasted vegetables of sorts. Red organic wine from nearby farm was finished off as the rainstorm rolled in. The rainstorm blew out the lights of Certaldo and our villa. Lightning and thunder lulled us to sleep. Dreams entertain my subconcious throughout the night. I remember a clawed tub, baby strollers and guests in our room.The dreams went on all through the wee hours of the night. Oh, did I forget to mention the pumpkin ghost. Must of had something to do with the roasted pumpkin at dinner.

Addio ~ Carlotta Carlita

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